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Living An Artful Life – Autumn Gardening for Spring Color
October 8, 2005, 10:55 pm
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I’ve just come inside from watering the garden. It is that time of year. You see the perennials fade and the things you can cut to bring in are limited. And although you tell yourself you love all the shades and textures of green, what you really want is some bright color. People have preached mums to me over and over but I just don’t care for them. I do have what are called dinner plate dahlias that continue to bloom this time of year but you can tell they are just trying to get you to the end of the month.

While I was standing there watering the green stuff and watching my lavender turn grey I began to realize that my cycle of creativity is much like the seasons of the year. It’s wonderful to have that late summer and autumn harvest of new ideas and creative activity but then when I begin to see that winter is approaching I can easily dry up the soil of my creative space. I do this by not continuing to water my artful life with dates with my inner artist and designated time to put thought to canvas or wood or paper or linoleum or whatever. I’ve talked about those artist dates. It’s the time that you find to take your self to a gallery or the park or the latest People’s Branch Theatre’s production, (See “1984” at the Belcourt through Oct 8th) to feed your creative life with a healthy input of fertilizer and cool clear water.

Joan and I have ordered a fresh batch of bulbs from Holland to plant in mid-November. I’ve made time for the spring bulb plant before then but in middle Tennessee the ground stays warm for so long it’s just good planning to hold off. I need the spring of 2006 to offer brilliance. To have that happen there is much planning to do in the autumn and much anticipation and preparedness to work through in the winter.

Living an artful life means that each task in your daily activities offers an opportunity to be creative and thought provoking. I wholly believe it is the work of the poets and artists to remind us of the truth. If you strive to live an artful life, your journey may be quite profound. It took me a trip to the back yard to water the garden for me to realize there was much more in my life that needed watering than just the green stuff.


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