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It takes a long time to become young
March 20, 2006, 5:38 pm
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Living An Artful Life – March 2006

“It takes a long time to become young.”

This statement from Picasso is ringing true to me this month. It’s a birthday month and as I slip into the middle of my life I’m beginning to realize the overwhelming truth in that statement.

My partner Joan, the preschool teacher, often tells very humorous stories of the crazy life of a four or five year old. I’m in wonderment over how they begin to learn how to learn. As we live through our artful lives we face the challenge of staying playful and young and uninhibited with our expression of life.

The thought of an adult acting like a four year old may be at first a frightful thought. Some of us may already know some people that don’t quite know how to reign in that playful, rebellious selfish spirit. The challenge of living an artful life as an adult includes the discipline of playtime.

What is your favorite time of day? Recess! If you are practicing your art through the way you make your home a gallery, it may be time this spring to rotate your space and have an opening! Do you celebrate your artful life through the way you cook or prepare your food? Make some monster toast! Joan’s class loves this. Toast the bread and then mix a little food color in some milk and paint it on the bread. Then eat it! Do you love to come home from work and just watch TV all night? I do. I admit it, I love TV. I’ve made up some silly dances to some theme songs that no one but Joan will ever see but it does help me feel playful!

Your assignment this month is to have some fun! Look for those daffodils to finally bloom and ready yourself for spring. The season of creativity approaches us with every sunrise. It does indeed; take a long time to become young.

Nancy VanReece now shows art in the Provence location in the Roundabout Plaza on Music Row and can be found in her living room dancing silly dances most every night.


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