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The Glamorization of Distraction
August 3, 2006, 11:16 pm
Filed under: Living An Artful Life, The Art Files

How many things can you do all at the same time? It seems that lately it’s the American race to do as much as possible all at once. Watching TV is an on slot of sensory overload. Scroll bars drive me crazy. Looking up something on the internet lately? Even blocking pop-ups you end up with about 75% of the screen selling you something.

My life’s work has been all about marketing and sales and powers of persuasion but, wow, the American 21st century is not just distracting, it glamorizes it!

Do you multi task to the point that we loose sight of the end goal? How mindful are you of each moment? I know I can do much better. Developing a peaceful moment each day is a commitment, do doubt. Let’s have the goal to actually move those peaceful moments into your day.

For 20 monthly columns we have been reviewing ways to live an artful life. The idea that each moment itself is a work of art is something to not just philosophically consider. Okay, we are not all Buddhist monks that can chew each bite of food hundreds of times or stare in wonderment of the flutter of a butterfly’s wings. What we can do is when we think about it, stop and be mindful of an action, be mindful of the touch, the taste, the sight the smell of things around us. If we do this more often than we did the day before we are moving forward to a more peaceful life.
Each action causes a reaction. While you commit yourself to being more mindful, take the time to recognize that what you do now will affect who you are tomorrow.

If you are reading this thinking that you too are distracted way more that you should be. I encourage you to find a particular thing to focus on that will allow for no distraction. I love to spend time in the garden to make everything else stop spinning. (We’ll talk more about back yards and front yards in September.) The VoteNoOnOne campaign is a good place to start! Canvas, put up yard signs, come in and stuff envelopes. Concentrate on something that matters to the whole community. There is nothing in the world less distracting than stuffing envelopes!


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