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The Art of Memory
October 5, 2006, 7:49 pm
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Kim Perrot 1967-1999. Established to honor the memory of the late Houston Comets point guard, the Kim Perrot Leadership Award recognizes a woman in sports who displays those characteristics embodied in Kim’s life and career: determination, ambition, tenacity and sportsmanship.
She is remembered.
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The Oklahoma Memory Project

Memory art; the framing of the past in visual formats is something we can all benefit from. Introspection and the subjective verses objective truth is explored through intensive artistic expression through objects and images from the past.

One of the new popular ways to process memories through art is by scrap booking. I don’t scrap book, but my paintings, collages and multi media projects are large forms of the same type of process.

France Yates in The Art of Memory quoting Ciecero, DeOoatore wrote; ‘He inferred that persons desiring to train this faculty (of memory) must select places and form mental images of the things they wish to remember and store those images in the places, so that the order of the places will preserve the order of the things, and the images of the things will denote the things themselves, and we shall employ the places and images respectively as a wax writing-tablet and the letters written on it.’

The term “drawing out a memory” brings up the concept vividly. Do you remember that tree from your back yard growing up? Or that trip to the beach, or that time your family acted like a family and not a group of strangers? This month take the time to remember something that makes you feel connected to your past in a happy and fulfilling way and find a way to process that memory through art.

When your memory fails you, pick up a paint brush. There is s a new program called Memories in the Making that is exploring whether dementia patients can reveal themselves through art. It is a beautiful thing to create a safe environment for yourself to not second guess your expression.

The Kansas City Star out of Kansas City, MO reported; ‘When the man joined the Memories in the Making program, he worked for weeks drawing a series of horizontal and diagonal lines on paper. When asked what he was drawing, he said, “Directions to my daughter’s house.”’

For more information about the program visit the web site:

”It’s an issue whose time has come,” said Lesley University professor Shaun McNiff, a past president of the American Art Therapy Association and the author of several books about art therapy told The Boston Globe. ”Art is not limited to one cognitive, cerebral channel. It’s an interplay between all the senses, and so it can engage people wherever they happen to be.”

As in Dostoevsky’s ”The Brothers Karamazov.; ”We’re grounded in our own memories. It’s who we are. If one has only one good memory left in one’s heart, even that may sometime be the means of saving us.”

As published in the Church Street Freedom Press October 5, 2006

Nancy VanReece now shows art in the Provence location in the Roundabout Plaza on Music Row open M-F 7am-5pm. Mention Nancy’s art and get 10% off your food order on your next visit! She and her partner Joan live in Madison. Nancy serves on the Advisory Board of Directors of People’s Branch Theatre, the Board Directors of the Nashville Film Festival and the Community Advisory committee for the Women’s and Gender Studies Department at Vanderbilt University. Oh, yeah, and an awesome day-job at BMI. For more information:


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