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Favorite PODcasts
March 2, 2008, 11:50 pm
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I do love me my Ipod Nano. I use it to help me pass the time when on the treadmill and I use it to listen to my jams at work and I use it to listen to podcasts!

My favorite podcasts:

The Planet Cast
I am sure that this is the funniest thing ever and if you love the L Word – it is a must!
Elka and KC – keep it green or red girls and cover your neckhole!

This American Life
Ira Glass ROCKS
If you’ve never heard This American Life, our staff’s favorite shows page provides a great introduction to what we do. You might want to start there. After a few episodes, we’re sure you’ll figure it out. Or, if you’re looking for a written introduction, here goes:One of our problems from the start has been that when we try to describe This American Life in a sentence or two, it just sounds awful. For instance: each week we choose a theme and put together different kinds of stories on that theme. That doesn’t sound like something we’d want to listen to on the radio, and it’s our show.So usually we just say what we’re not. We’re not a news show or a talk show or a call-in show. We’re not really formatted like other radio shows at all. Instead, we do these stories that are like movies for radio. There are people in dramatic situations. Things happen to them. There are funny moments and emotional moments and—hopefully—moments where the people in the story say interesting, surprising things about it all. It has to be surprising. It has to be fun.

Studio 360
PRI’s Peabody Award-winning “Studio 360 with Kurt Andersen” from WNYC is public radio’s smart and surprising guide to what’s happening in pop culture and the arts. Each week, Kurt Andersen introduces you to the people who are creating and shaping our culture. Life is busy – so let “Studio 360” steer you to the must-see movie this weekend, the next book for your nightstand, or the song that will change your life.


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I love This American Life, too. I listen to a lot of podcasts to pass the time during my commute. I listen to As The World Turns and several knitting podcasts and sermons. From NPR also check out Radio Lab and StoryCorps. And check out the Quick & Dirty podcasts series. I especially love Grammar Girl and Mr. Manners.

Comment by Jennifer of Dog.Yarn.Knit.

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