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May 28, 2008, 10:18 pm
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The 21st Annual
Shakespeare in the Park:
The Nashville Shakespeare Festival
in collaboration with Naked Stages
Directed by Mark Cabus
August 14 – September 7, 2008
Thursday through Sunday 7:30PM
Labor Day Monday 7:30PM
At the Centennial Park Bandshell
Centennial Park
Admission FREE – Doantions Encouraged! – Go Ahead and make a donation in advance

A note from the director of CORIOLANUS:

The play is about two circles. One circle inside of another. A circle within a circle. One circle is for security: To keep forces out. The other is also for security: To keep forces in. And these opposing forces keep the circles in place. And it is a world with no corners, enclosed unto itself. Without compromise. Some who live in this world venture beyond it, but most do not. Most, who live in the world that is the play, live in the city that are these circles.
So the play is also about a city. And if, as the playwright says, ” the people are the city” then it is a play about the people in it. And the people are uneasy. With themselves andwith the leaders of the city. For they are no longer satisfying. And the leaders are uneasy. With themselves and with the city. For it is no longer satisfying.
So the play is about two struggles. And the older struggle between those up above and those down below lives outside of a newer struggle between those that have been given power and those that gave it to them.
And caught in the center is a man. It is a play about him too. And he is like the circle within a circle. A world with no corners. Enclosed unto itself. Without compromise. And with him in this circle is his wife and his son. For he keeps them close.
But there is an outer circle too. A circle that contains all that went before: The people. And the leaders. And the city. And one more: His mother. She belongs to this outer circle too. The man is loyal to this circle. This outer circle. Even unto death. For he is a soldier. But he is not interested in the rest. The city. And the leaders. And the people. He is not interested because he thinks he is outside of it. He thinks he can hold one circle in place without the other.
And so the play is a tragedy. Because the man cannot succeed.


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