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The Birth of Revolution Comes From A Moment of Rage
October 8, 2008, 9:47 pm
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Due to a generous grant from The Frist Foundation I am now, on behalf of The Nashville Shakespeare Festival, a member of CABLE.

I had attended the occasional luncheon to hear specific speakers but today I was able to attend as an actual new member. I enjoyed today and was happy to see several friends and colleagues in the room.

The speaker was Sharon Oreck, a producer of the documentary 14 Women.
As a film geek and board member of the Nashville Film Festival I had heard of the documentary and was happy to get a copy that I will view this weekend! It is screening on the Sundance Channel now as well.

I liked a lot what she said about the birth of revolution coming from a moment of rage“. I was disappointed that her point about “the three things that women in politics have to overcome were proving that they were:
1. Not a lesbian
2. Not a bitch
3. Not a whore”
I know what she was trying to communicate but leaving it hanging in a southern audience that being a lesbian was the same as the other two items and further, that lesbians don’t have families, was irresponsible and unfortunate.
As a supporter of the Victory Fund and as a Board Member of founding member of the Tennessee Equality Project Foundation and former State Political Action Coordinator for the Human Rights Campaign, I have been in “revolution” mode for some time over this.

I spoke with another out lesbian there today that has been a member of CABLE for several years. She said she has not had a single negative experience. However, she doubted than 10 may be gay out of the 500+ members. Just as we hope to see 50 women in the Senate one day to represent the population, I can hope that any organization I belong to that values diversity and fairness also strives to achive a 10% representation of my community.

Nevertheless, I was there to pitch our Workshops for Adults in Business not to start a revolution. If you are a member of CABLE – lets talk!

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