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Your Home Your Gallery – Living An Artful Life
November 7, 2008, 12:53 pm
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Stop and think about how your home says who you are. Consider not just the landscaping and architecture but the interior, each color choice, each pillow, each print or original work in the hall way or over the sofa.

All these things say something about the artist in your home. You are that artist. You are that curator. If you have been, as last month’s article suggested, treating yourself to artist dates, you may find yourself thinking more clearly about just how you choose to express your artist self in your home.

Part of living an artful life is awareness of your creative space and understanding the season that we are in as our creative journey begins. As Julie Cameron says in her book The Sound of Paper; “The seasons of creativity are varied. In spring we can doubt our budding ideas will come to anything. In summer we can worry about our ability to keep up. In fall we may fear that we will not harvest our ideas successfully, that we will bruise them as we try to bring them home. In winter we may fear that we will never (be creative) again.”

Take the time to see what season of creativity you are in before you address your gallery. The best time to shop is in your springtime! Not just when the daffodils are up through the peonies bloom but your own springtime of creativity. Don’t doubt that your ideas. Take a leap, get that red pillow, look at that picture frame as part of your creative space. For us it was painting our kitchen purple that finally let us leap into our zone of color and artifacts and local art.

I like stepping into a home where you see things that tell you there is a story to go with it. What are your stories? What item from what artisan’s hand made it into your gallery? Did you meet the person that made the item? Was it from a vacation get away?

If you look around your creative space and find only items that came form the do-it-yourself kit at a local furniture store, what does that say about you? Space, like wine, is better with age and time. It takes several seasons in a person’s life to create a gallery that represents who they are and where they have come from.

As Gordon Ziniewicz explains in The Tao And Art “‘We-Wei’ in Taoism means doing without forcing, without consciously acting according to predetermined notions or plans. Artists are, in a sense, midwives of nature. Out of the pregnant emptiness of the silk or rice paper, forms are allowed to emerge. In a similar way, poems are born, not made; they rise unraised from hidden wellsprings. Without explanation, they begin to be.’’

Never feel rushed, find the season that is right and start curating for your home gallery one work at a time. Let each work emerge from your journey.

Get out and see the art. Get out and do the art. Get out and be the art.

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