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A Letter from TEP Foundation President Randy Cox
December 2, 2008, 4:06 pm
Filed under: Coming Out, community building, Equality, LGBT History

Friends, With the Holidays here and the economy “officially” in recession, receiving an email soliciting you for a contribution is probably the last thing you want, especially from a friend. But I want to reach out to each of you about something that is very important to me. As you know the results of the November election completely changed the makeup of the Tennessee legislature. This Legislature is more socially conservative and our LGBT rights are in danger. TEP expects that adoption, foster parenting and other LGBT rights could be challenged in 2009.
So what does it take to protect our ourselves and assure equality? For one it takes an organization to speak for our community, a professional lobbying effort and a statewide grassroots organizing effort. Many of you have supported TEP in the past and for that I am grateful. Your help has allowed TEP to fight successfully against two attepmts at an adoption ban and has provided TEP with growth in every part of the State.
It has allowed us to grow the TEP Foundation who is working throughout the state with police departments and district attorneys on an anti-violence, hate crimes initiatives, anti-bullying and safe schools projects.
And all this costs about $100 per day.
So I’m asking you to make a contribution so TEP can continue to do this necessary work in 2009. Please consider “paying for a day” by going to
I hope you will “pay for a day”, or help by contributing any amount you can. Also, if you are not receiving weekly emails from TEP then first, I’m going to shame you, 🙂 then ask you to sign up to be on the email list at
I want to thank you in advance for your help and wish each of you a wonderful Holiday Season.
The Tennessee Equality Project is a 501c4 organization incorporated in Tennessee. Gifts to TEP are not deductible for purposes of federal income tax.

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