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January Geeze ..random rant
January 12, 2009, 2:38 pm
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watercolor postcard of the day 1.6.09

Ah geeze –January brings so much sensory input that I can hard find time to breathe! The play opens and the stress to feed about 30 starving artists is in full swing (including myself) …the TV shows all start up again…I love TV. I have not apologies for loving it. Do I have guilt over watching Showtime, HBO, FX or NBC instead of reading the growing stack of awesome books on my table top? — yes. But I have committed to the first 50 days of 2009 postcard of the day project and I have completed day 12. I have a show to install at TPAC’s Johnson theater lobby (the one down stairs) AND I’m not sure but I still think there is some gardening clean up to do– that last clump of leaves that fell have way to much acid in them to leave them on top of my perennials. I’m trying to do the 30 min a day workout five days a week but if people keep scheduling these 8am meetings I’m going to scream. An 8am meeting means I have to get up at 5am to do all the stuff I have to do before I leave the house. Its been nearly two years since I left that 35 hour corporate work week for 42% less money… I love the flexibility I gained to work 70 hours a week instead! – Its just that I’m too compulsive to be flexible and its causing anxiety that reminds me of my Grandmother Peters who worried all the time… And then I look at that TN State legislature and am sure that the winter of discontent is a 21st century reality on the hill for TEP…now there is something that should get you out of bed in the morning! Maybe I’m more like Rachel Maddow and I need someone to talk me down. Robert calms me down, Joan laughs at me when I get upset about the silly stuff and that helps a lot. If you see me, just help me breathe, okay? ….January…geeze..

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