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The First Fifty Days of 2009 – The Watercolor Postcard Project
February 19, 2009, 1:59 pm
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Watercolor Postcard of The Day – The 2009 Project

For the first fifty days of 2009 I have been creating a random stream of conscious watercolor on a postcard and posting them each morning..except for a couple afternoons and one evening, through TwitPics for Twitter followers.

Jan 5th “breakfast bun or flying saucer?” was the most popular..maybe it was the title. The second most popular was “Purple bottles rule my kitchen window ” from January 13th.

The exercise was a good one for me. Taking the time each morning to allow my creative thoughts to freely play with color before I was awake long enough to stop myself from being in the moment. There moments in flashes of fine point Sharpie and watercolor on paper will not win prizes or wow the critics. they are just moments that started my day. I will spontaneously send future postcards but now that the project has reach a conclusion I am fully satisfied with the process and eager to start another!

My Favorites Were

1.6.09 “Nashvillians will be smart to have one of these today”
1.12.09 “Special Klee”

2.10.09 “San Ysidro prays for garden rain”

Don’t know why I liked the ones I did on rainy days the most…hmmm.. I am attached to them all in different ways.


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