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September 10, 2009, 8:25 pm
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Is everyone around you evaluating something of high importance? It seems that way to me. The non profit sector is evaluating mission statements and services to be sure they are meeting real need and not duplicating the work of others. The for profit sector is evaluating if the product they provide is something people actually want, or better yet, need. I see artists of all stripes, the creative class, evaluating if their voice is being heard or if they are shouting in the wind.

Plenty of us have also taken the time to stop and evaluate ourselves. In the last blog post I talked about branding. As luck would have it, I was able to attend a workshop this morning sponsored by Nashville CABLE about building a personal brand. Clearly the universe was telling me to knuckle down and do some evaluating.

The process of forming brand is the result of unrelenting passion, not spin. So, I asked myself what I felt passionate about, what was the essence of what I was about and is it something I am already doing and, if so, is it impacting others?
I enjoy leading. People follow leaders because they can see the vision when the rest are paralysed by fear. I really needed to clear my vision!

I was able to develop my own personal mission statement:
“Advocating Creative Opportunities For My Community to Achieve Its

What is thrilling to me is that I am already doing this and continue to find new ways to expand it. Advocacy, Creativity, Development, Community Service.

Laura Berman Fortang suggests these questions that will help your own evaluation:
What are you built to do?

  • How do people use you?
  • What have people always said you should be?
  • What is the essence of your dream?

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I totally agree that now is the time to evaluate our lives. In times of crisis the obvious seems to leak out. I wasn't able to attend the workshop so tell me how were you able to come up with a mission statement so fast? Was it something you were working on already before you went to the workshop or did you follow a formula for thinking it through? It would be interesting to know.


Comment by Keep on Talking, Lori

I just realized the truth in the statement and it rolled out of me like a wave.
Interesting timing because I was laid off Friday and need to rely on it more than I realized!

Comment by Nancy VanReece

[…] The surveys all say that as a baby boomer, I may be slower to embrace change than the generation(s) now starting out.  For the record: change makes me tired but I still like it, heck I embrace it! […]

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