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Climate Change
October 15, 2009, 2:56 pm
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Blog Action Day   has come again and I have been thinking for a long time about what I had to say about the issue. Clearly the data is out there to call upon.  There will many thoughtful posts about what to do to help effectively involve yourself in very tangible ways to impact  the climate and help slow global warming.

I just came from an inspiring program from Vanderbilt University and the Tennessee Performing Arts Center called Inside Out of the Lunch Box  that introduced me to an artist named Daniel Bernard Roumain (DBR). This man inspired the audience not just with his music but in infectious ability to change the climate.

“There are people around the globe that don’t get free clean water, they have to pay for it.  There are people around the world that don’t have clean air to breath unless they pay for it.  Here, today, in the United States, to receive the art that feeds your soul, you must pay for it.” – DBR

I understood this deep down as he said it.  As over 10,000 bloggers are posting about clean air, clean water and our responsibility to it.  I am reminded that  to live an artful life you must feed your soul with good hearty, self sustaining, locally grown and happily imported, art.

Being creative isn’t just thinking of a good idea, it’s implementing it, it is in the making it happen that is creative. I have a feeling that the answers that will solve the earth’s climate change will be found through  a lot of creative process.

As Urvashi Vaid said Monday inside her brilliant speech at the National Equality March Rally  “It will take visionaries who believe we can make a sustainable environment for our planet. And it will take the artists that will help us think more bravely.”


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