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Missing Bodies
October 27, 2009, 6:52 pm
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I’ve just complete a cerebral journey.  I read the Monica Casper and Lisa Jean Moore’s  masterpiece,  Missing Bodies, The Politics of Visibility.

The exploration of  surveillance, manipulations, erasures and recognition of the body in the 21st century is  so  intriguing that it may have changed my perspective permanently.   I am not one to just pick up such an intellectual study.  I know one of the authors.  Monica Casper likes my art work, she used to live here in Nashville and we lost herlast year to a move to Arizona last year.

I walk away from this study thinking about the missing people in my lavender community.  The importance of coming out of the closet is important to my city’s growth and vibrancy. I think about the missing people who work every day without labor representation that are exploited for the bottom line. I think about the missing bodies of tireless non-profit worker and volunteer who without recognition and reward may be jeopardized.

This book may have been about the sociology of the body but it made me rethink about the blind way that I walk through life without really seeing those around me.

Thank you for opening my eyes again Monica. 


Author Monica Casper signs my book on a recent Nashville visit. My painting "Jenny and Shirley" is in the background


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Thanks for these kind words, Nancy darling! Lisa and I are thrilled that our book is finding an audience. I love what it made you think about, too…we never know when we put our words out there, like little offerings, what will be picked up, thought about, commented on, and shared.

Comment by Monica

Ah yes, all the missing… the missing poor. The inordinate visible bling of money. This book sounds excellent. I’m going to pick it up. And your blog is just wonderful.

Comment by Dana

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