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Finding Balance in the Chi


I have been struggling with balance more than I care to admit.  I spend too much time reading micro blogs and statistics and not enough time in the art studio doodling. I spend too much time watching detective TV shows and not enough time detecting my own grievances.  I spend way to little time nurturing my life because I am so busy just surviving.

Over a decade ago, afer surgery, I  found a simple Tai Chi routine that should take 20 minutes if I do it at the right pace.  However, I rush through it and get it done in 10 min lately.  This is my sign that I am just  going way too fast to find the balance I need.

The best way to find your balance and get rid of  bad chi and inhale good chi is to  find the time to conduct the routine with friends.  Even if  it  is just one other person helping you set that pace you are able to clear your mind more quickly and live in that moment seeking balance against your partner or group.

In the last six weeks of my unemployment and job searching I have found some balance from friends and colleagues.  Out & About Newspaper has written an article titled Women on Mission and I am grateful for its accurate account of my journey.  I so appreciate the way Ricky Tim’s, and Cool People Care  and four28 Collective have stepped up to feed my family with great kindness.

What person or group in your life helps you find your balance?


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