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The Non Profit Facebook Panic of 2010
December 16, 2009, 11:22 am
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Wow – you would think that Facebook had announced that all Fan Pages were being removed.  The  panic being  invoked by Non Profit Tech 2.0 and Wild Apricot and The Chronicle of Philanthrophy and others, is really premature.

Yes – there are changes coming, there will always be changes coming. The problem is, too many non-profits are still treating their social media tools like bull-horns.  The answer to all change will be strategy. Facebook and Twitter are viable tools for non-profits only if the  friends, volunteers, loyal volunteers and advocates  of that organization are telling their own social networks about the work and progress of the organization(s) they support.

Don’t forget that Facebook generates revenue from all that direct advertising and it may be time for non-profits to stop free-loading and  put a little investment dollars in providing the tools to your supporters to build that network.  Its time to stop using social media because it’s free. Use these wonderful tools because it is part of your strategy.

Are you ready for change?


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Free usage is not indicative of lack of strategy. Anyone who has ever worked at or had first-hand experience with a non-profit is aware of ever pressing community needs. Resources for meeting those needs are always dwindling. Facebook provides nonprofits with an outlet to recruit volunteers, increase awareness of their missions, and raise funds necessary for operations and matching grants. Other media outlets donate airtime and space to support these causes, why not Facebook?

Comment by amanda phillips

I like the idea of Facebook providing in-kind support for non-profits by giving advertising discounts to qualified non-profit pages! Very nice idea!

Comment by nvanreece

Thanks for the great discussion. My point was not that nonprofits are freeloading. My point is that nonprofits should always be ready for change and to know that the strategy is to create a social network where your advocates are doing the talking for you.

Comment by nvanreece

Well said and over-due Nancy. Having been a director of development and consultant in the ever pressing need for new found dollars, I’m tired of the old excuses and incompetence of Boards as well as executive directors. Typically they are taking the path of least resistance in protecting what they delude themselves with as the “temperaments of our donors” – I guess they will constantly also delude themselves into thinking that the annual appeal letters and holiday banquet back-slapping festivals will continue to suffice for their own ego needs. How sad. Money talks and its time to open the flood gates of deliberate innovations, not pontifications.

Comment by Mark Phillips

Deliberate Innovation … I love that!

Comment by Nancy VanReece

More conversation happening on the LinkedIn Group
Web 2.0 for Nonprofit Organizations

Comment by nvanreece

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