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Christmas Eve Gift!
December 24, 2009, 12:01 am
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Nancy at Christmastime in the 1970's

One of my most vivid memories of childhood is of my Grandmother Peters and me trying to fall asleep on Christmas Eve. She would always come a few days before Christmas. The house would smell like coffee every morning she was there. When she arrived, all four children, especially me, would run out to her car and be bright-eyed as she opened the trunk to revel what looked like an entire sleigh full of presents. All wrapped in the same paper. Always, there would be one marked, “Christmas Eve Gift”.

On Christmas Eve, we would dig around under the tree looking for the special item. It was a way, I’m sure, to calm down the children. The first one that said “Christmas Eve Gift!” after dinner got to open the first surprise. We loved to rip into that Christmas Eve gift. Just one each.

When I was small, my grandmother would share my room with me on Christmas eve, we would turn the radio on WKY to listen to Christmas music and Santa reports and she would tell me stories until I would fall fast asleep. One year, she taught me how to tell time because I was staring at the clock so long! Every time I see an analog clock, I think of Christmas Eve.

All of the kids in my family have wonderful Christmas memories as children. I’m betting all of them have Grandma Peters in it.

Christmas Eve Gift everyone!

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WKY…. I recall a few of those broadcasts in my past as well. great story Nanc.

Comment by Mimi

Pretty crazy to have grown up with Danny’s Day and Foreman Scottie .. that may be before your time

Comment by Nancy VanReece

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