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the watercolor doodle project
February 17, 2010, 11:21 am
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change can hurt ( day 56 of the project )

The Watercolor Doodle of The Day Project Continues until March 21.

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Sketching Out The Possibilities

Room To Think - Sketch 2008

I have been working on a new painting for a corporate client and believe I may have it finished by the end of the week. When I work on a new project I start by sketching and doodling out memories and ideas and then take them to ink sketch and watercolor and then finally to canvas.

Room To Think - Watercolor 2008

I’m not sure when I started this pattern. I didn’t always paint this way.  When I first started expressing and creating through color, I simply started. There was nothing in between the color the arm and the canvas.  This rendered great things and all of them have long since sold and hopefully continue to bring spontaneity to their owners.

Room To Think - Acrylic on Canvas 2008

In the last few years I’ve become more contemplative about my contemporary expressions. The spontaneity is in the work but the thoughtful way in which I play with the color has brought a maturity to my process and I am happy about it.

As I have been searching for employment I have found the same personality in my process.  I’m carefully considering options based on memory and sketching out the possibilities before moving to canvas.

I received last week a note from a potential new life that simply said; “Thank you!” (exclamation point included) Honestly, it made my day.

I received a form letter for another local nonprofit gig that said; “if one of the top 10 candidates, you will be notified in 4-6 wks to schedule an interview.” Here is the thing, two months from now when you contact those top 10 candidates, they will be in other jobs.  – At least I hope so!

So what have I learned to start the new year? Memory, time, and spontaneity can serve you well when mixed together.

How are you approaching your plans this year? Want to share some of your tips and tricks for others to learn from? Leave a comment and let’s chat.

December 25, 2009, 2:11 pm
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Happy Christmas To One And All!

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Get back to the music

Watercolor by Nancy VanReece - "Creative Direction"

Over the course of the last 28 years, my work has been all about advocating creative opportunities for my community to achieve it’s potential.

25 of those years 1982-2007 I worked in the music business – all of it: Marketing, Promoting, Managing, Advocating, Soliciting, Encouraging, Guiding, Buying and Selling, Licensing and Negotiating.

When I jumped off into the non-profit sector it worked out well.  I was able to take my understanding as a painter and my experience working with musicians and lawyers into a new sector.  Bringing creative and practical business practice to a non-profit organization was a good thing.  As a business person, I could speak “the language” of the potential donor easily.

I learned quite a bit the last three years.  I learned that “development” means “fundraising” and that customers were not always the folks that paid for the product. It was, and remains, a fascinating sector of our commerce.

I also learned a lot about social media strategy and community building and the new, always evolving, 21st century tools of marketing, communication and sales. A lot of these things are excellent resources to lead me into the next adventure.

I may remain in the non-profit sector. I might go back to the music business. I may be painting and  putting together marketing and social media consulting work for a season.

One thing I know; I will always be looking at art and listening to music for divine creative direction.

“I’m saving all my lovin’ for someone who’s lovin’ me…” Gloria Gaynor

“There’s a cry asking why, I pray the answer is up ahead , ’cause I know where I’ve been… there is a promise we must make, worth the risk and the chances we take. There is a a dream in the future..’Cause just to sit still would be a sin.” .. Hairspray Soundtrack

Missing Bodies
October 27, 2009, 6:52 pm
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I’ve just complete a cerebral journey.  I read the Monica Casper and Lisa Jean Moore’s  masterpiece,  Missing Bodies, The Politics of Visibility.

The exploration of  surveillance, manipulations, erasures and recognition of the body in the 21st century is  so  intriguing that it may have changed my perspective permanently.   I am not one to just pick up such an intellectual study.  I know one of the authors.  Monica Casper likes my art work, she used to live here in Nashville and we lost herlast year to a move to Arizona last year.

I walk away from this study thinking about the missing people in my lavender community.  The importance of coming out of the closet is important to my city’s growth and vibrancy. I think about the missing people who work every day without labor representation that are exploited for the bottom line. I think about the missing bodies of tireless non-profit worker and volunteer who without recognition and reward may be jeopardized.

This book may have been about the sociology of the body but it made me rethink about the blind way that I walk through life without really seeing those around me.

Thank you for opening my eyes again Monica. 


Author Monica Casper signs my book on a recent Nashville visit. My painting "Jenny and Shirley" is in the background

Please visit my new virtual art galleries
October 22, 2009, 12:24 am
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making the move
October 13, 2009, 11:51 pm
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"Dreamcatchers" painting by Nancy VanReece (c) 2006 Contemporary Expression acrylic and ink on canvas 36" x 48"

"Dreamcatchers" painting by Nancy VanReece (c) 2006 Contemporary Expression acrylic and ink on canvas 36" x 48"

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