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reBlog from 7 Social Media Roles You Haven’t Considered
January 16, 2010, 11:55 am
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I found this fascinating quote today:

When you think of social media roles, chances are you think of a community manager or the oh-so-generic “social media manager”, which is usually some function of the marketing department managing strictly social media programs. But there are loads of other potential roles that can integrate or represent social media alongside other business, 7 Social Media Roles You Haven’t Considered, Jan 2010

You should read the whole article.


The Non Profit Facebook Panic of 2010
December 16, 2009, 11:22 am
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Wow – you would think that Facebook had announced that all Fan Pages were being removed.  The  panic being  invoked by Non Profit Tech 2.0 and Wild Apricot and The Chronicle of Philanthrophy and others, is really premature.

Yes – there are changes coming, there will always be changes coming. The problem is, too many non-profits are still treating their social media tools like bull-horns.  The answer to all change will be strategy. Facebook and Twitter are viable tools for non-profits only if the  friends, volunteers, loyal volunteers and advocates  of that organization are telling their own social networks about the work and progress of the organization(s) they support.

Don’t forget that Facebook generates revenue from all that direct advertising and it may be time for non-profits to stop free-loading and  put a little investment dollars in providing the tools to your supporters to build that network.  Its time to stop using social media because it’s free. Use these wonderful tools because it is part of your strategy.

Are you ready for change?

Get back to the music

Watercolor by Nancy VanReece - "Creative Direction"

Over the course of the last 28 years, my work has been all about advocating creative opportunities for my community to achieve it’s potential.

25 of those years 1982-2007 I worked in the music business – all of it: Marketing, Promoting, Managing, Advocating, Soliciting, Encouraging, Guiding, Buying and Selling, Licensing and Negotiating.

When I jumped off into the non-profit sector it worked out well.  I was able to take my understanding as a painter and my experience working with musicians and lawyers into a new sector.  Bringing creative and practical business practice to a non-profit organization was a good thing.  As a business person, I could speak “the language” of the potential donor easily.

I learned quite a bit the last three years.  I learned that “development” means “fundraising” and that customers were not always the folks that paid for the product. It was, and remains, a fascinating sector of our commerce.

I also learned a lot about social media strategy and community building and the new, always evolving, 21st century tools of marketing, communication and sales. A lot of these things are excellent resources to lead me into the next adventure.

I may remain in the non-profit sector. I might go back to the music business. I may be painting and  putting together marketing and social media consulting work for a season.

One thing I know; I will always be looking at art and listening to music for divine creative direction.

“I’m saving all my lovin’ for someone who’s lovin’ me…” Gloria Gaynor

“There’s a cry asking why, I pray the answer is up ahead , ’cause I know where I’ve been… there is a promise we must make, worth the risk and the chances we take. There is a a dream in the future..’Cause just to sit still would be a sin.” .. Hairspray Soundtrack

November 30, 2009, 7:59 pm
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I saw this on Chris Brogan’s blog and wanted to share it here.  If you’re really into it, there’s a facebook group as well as a movement.

Old Shingle Starts To Swing

I am officially re-introducing services that have been tracking beside my work for over a decade. Please e-mail for a free initial consultation.


Carpe Diem Copyright Management:

publishing administration, music supervision and intellectual property licensing.

Contemporary Expression:
( a div of Carpe Diem Copyright Management)

marketing and social media administration with the goal of community building for both non-profit and for-profit business.


What others are saying:

“Nancy possesses a unique blend of visionary perspective and action orientation. She well-articulates the big picture possibilities and necessities for healthy arts organizations to strengthen the community while working diligently on day-to-day actions to promote the Nashville Shakespeare Festival. A great example is Nancy’s vision for the potential of social media which she acted on to great results, in particular, using Twitter to build a strong presence and following for the Nashville Shakespeare Festival.” August 24, 2009 Deb Palmer George, Owner, Palmer Solutions

“I am Vice Chair of the Nashville Shakespeare Festival, and I have been able to directly observe Nancy’s performance as Executive Director of the Festival, and the results of her efforts. Nancy has done a very good job marketing the Festival, and creating new outlets for making sure the community knows about the Festival and what it does. This includes moving marketing efforts into non-traditional venues like social networking sites, which have proven to be extremely effective. I would highly recommend Nancy and her marketing skills.” August 18, 2009 James Cartiglia, Member, Waddey & Patterson

“Nancy is incredible, and relentless in her pursuit of action and results. An extremely creative individual that knows how to make things happen while embracing everyone involved. I learn a lot from her whenever we talk. She is a real delight to work with.” August 17, 2009 Jonathan Saad, Grants Program Manager, Metro Nashville Arts Commission

“Nancy practically wrote the book on marketing arts oriented non-profits. Of particular note is her mastery of social media marketing. @nashvilleshakes was tweeting before tweeting was cool. And, she integrates the social media outreach with traditional media and marketing outreach, resulting in great results for the Nashville Shakespeare Festival.” July 29, 2009 Aileen Katcher, Partner, KVBPR (Katcher Vaughn & Bailey Public Relations)

“Nancy is a big thinker who also has a big heart. She’s quick to come up with creative ideas for growing important community causes and is always up to a challenge, whether it’s learning a new technology, bringing people together, or working with a new community partner. We’re always excited to work with Nancy as she seeks outcomes where everyone wins.” July 29, 2009 Sam Davidson, President and Co-Founder, CoolPeopleCare

“I will always be extremely grateful to Nancy for all the time and effort she put in to writing for The Muse’s Muse while she had her own copyright and publishing column. Her articles and advice were always spot on and regularly commented favorably upon by the people who dropped by the website. It’s been a pleasure to work with her.” September 15, 2009 Jodi Krangle, Owner & Creator, The Muse’s Muse Songwriting Resource

“Nancy was a dedicated and dogged negotiator, with a true heart and passion for protecting the interest of BMI’s songwriters. Her instincts for creating partnerships between BMI and our clients were among the best I’ve seen. In a tough industry, Nancy proved herself adept at building long-lasting relationships here all parties involved could appreciate the benefits of doing business togther.” September 15, 2009 Aaron Mercer, Former Assoc. Director of Key Accounts, BMI, Now Sr. Director, Creative & Licensing at Sony/ATV Music Publishing

“Nancy gets the job done! Whatever the task, Nancy owns it and uses her unique skill set to accomplish things that would leave others laying dead by the roadside. Nancy is tenacious yet always creative, professional and personable in representing people, projects or groups. Nancy has integrity and always shows respect for others. Her ability to administer and manage copyrights as well as her ability to negotiate the deal, always results in win-win scenarios on behalf of clients. I highly recommend Nancy to you.” September 16, 2009 Glenda McNalley, The Select Artist Group, LLC

“Nancy is competent handling numerous roles on behalf of her clients and doing so well. She cares not only about her clients’ business, but personally as well. Her attention to detail is of great benefit to those she serves. She also is a talented negotiator, and strives to do so in a way that the parties mutually benefit. I have always been impressed with Nancy’s ability to network and assist those she meets, both as a professional and as a friend. I am always confident that Nancy provides the best of her talents to every one she serves. Greg Seneff, Sr., Esq. The Seneff Law Office” September 26, 2009
Greg Seneff, Owner, The Seneff Law Office

Artwork for Non-Profit Silent Auctions

Have you ever purchased artwork at a silent auction? Have you ever donated artwork? What about the experience worked well? What didn’t work well at all? Leave your comments.

Fantasy Landscape 60″ x 36″ by Nancy VanReece

(c) 2007 Contemporary Expression, a div of Carpe Diem Copyright Management All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission.
purchased by The Allens at The Nashville Shakespeare Festival Winter Patron Silent Auction to be donated for display at
Hope Exchange Annual Wine Tasting and Silent Auction
When: Friday, April 17th, 2009 6-9pm Where: St. Ann’s Episcopal Church
more information

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It’s not going to jump up into your mouth

I have been overwhelmed by the amount of “stuff” I need to be doing, want to be doing, or think I should be doing. I have a pretty good routine but them I get bored and get off the routine and chase nothing for a while.

This time of year the robins start coming back into our garden and I am reminded perennially of their simple process.


They love to study the situation, they look from the trees and then walk along the surface of the lawn. They turn their head and listen for the worms moving below. And then just in time, they snap the food up and move on to the next situation.


As a person working as a fundraiser and manager in the non-profit sector, I feel like that robin. Always looking and then snapping up the food when you hear it moving up to the surface.


What I am also reminded of by these happy birds is just as clear;
don’t dig a 10 foot hole looking for the worm,
don’t expect it to jump up into your mouth.