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Finding Balance in the Chi


I have been struggling with balance more than I care to admit.  I spend too much time reading micro blogs and statistics and not enough time in the art studio doodling. I spend too much time watching detective TV shows and not enough time detecting my own grievances.  I spend way to little time nurturing my life because I am so busy just surviving.

Over a decade ago, afer surgery, I  found a simple Tai Chi routine that should take 20 minutes if I do it at the right pace.  However, I rush through it and get it done in 10 min lately.  This is my sign that I am just  going way too fast to find the balance I need.

The best way to find your balance and get rid of  bad chi and inhale good chi is to  find the time to conduct the routine with friends.  Even if  it  is just one other person helping you set that pace you are able to clear your mind more quickly and live in that moment seeking balance against your partner or group.

In the last six weeks of my unemployment and job searching I have found some balance from friends and colleagues.  Out & About Newspaper has written an article titled Women on Mission and I am grateful for its accurate account of my journey.  I so appreciate the way Ricky Tim’s, and Cool People Care  and four28 Collective have stepped up to feed my family with great kindness.

What person or group in your life helps you find your balance?


The ArtFiles …more like a blog
My monthly column The Art Files at Out and About Newspaper will now be a blog offered at the online site. This will allow me to return to the format that was previously known as Living An Artful Life which ran in The Church Street Freedom Press.
New entries will come during the course of the month and the editors may select form the entries for the print version.

Read the latest entry about Chris Cambell – Necessary Collector Ruby Green Gallery Exhibit

September Art Files Published
September 3, 2008, 2:30 pm
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Enjoy the new Art Files published by Out & About Newspaper

STUDIO F debuts with its first exhibit
September 5 – November 16
ARTIST RECEPTION Friday, September 5 • 5 – 9 PM

The exhibit features artists from across the U.S. and their viewpoint on feminine values in art. Apart from their gender and dedication to art, most of these women are alums from the Vermont College of Fine Arts, which is devoted to progressive ideas and exchange, much like the mission of Scarritt-Bennett. This exhibition features installation, sculpture, video, painting and drawing and reflects personal statements regarding various aspects of society from politics to philosophy, from spirituality to psychology.

The exhibition is housed in the new gallery F. at the Front Porch Coffee & Gift Shop at Scarritt-Bennett, at the corner of 19th & Grand.
ARTIST RECEPTION MUSIC & PERFORMANCE BY:Lola: Experimental music/voice and guitarCarry A. Nation: Garage/Gospel with Sarah Masen, Sherry Cothran, Jewly HightXiaolun Qi / China: Performance (spoken words, music)
Organized by Sabine Schlunk

June 13, 2007, 4:53 pm
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Okay – I’m the first to say that I’m a lucky girl. Joan does the grocery shopping. In fact, she prepares menus, creates the list and does the shopping. I DO help cook the food but she’s my domestic goddess. Make no mistake, we don’t exactly love Kroger anyway. Most of the stores in our area are simply not clean and very creepy.

As part of the campaign we decide to switch to Publix and, although the bill was higher, the experience was worth it. I may not go into a grocery store very often but when Joanie and I went last week to get things for a dinner party we were very happy about it. The Publix in Goodlettsville was great. When we checked out the store manager came up and said “We sure appreciate you!”..okay, did we look that obvious …

As a columnist for O&A I guess I’m passionate about the campaign but geeze, as a consumer. I don’t think we can ever go back to Kroger.

I wish we could afford Plumgood, turnip Truck and Wild Oats fore everything, but we can’t. So.. it’s Publix for the VanReeece’s.. I may even drop off the latest issue for the manger to look at.

*photo taken by my mom n a vist to a grocery store in China

Save-Your-Receipt Campaign Facts

To show our community’s economic impact and to convince Kroger and Harris Teeter to continue carrying Out & About Newspaper.

What you can do
Save your grocery and gas receipts from any store except Kroger and Harris Teeter now through Sunday, June 17

How you can submit receipts
Fax them to (615) 262-3167
Scan them, turn them into pdf files, and email them to

Drop them off at any of the following locations:
First Unitarian Universalist located at 1808 Woodmont Blvd in Nashville. Call (615) 383-5760 for office hours
OutLoud! located at 1703 Church Street in Nashville Sun-Thu from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. and Fri-Sat 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.
Tribe located at 1517 Church Street in Nashville during regular business hours
Lucky’s Garage located at 207 14th Ave. North in Nashville during regular business hours
Blue Gene’s located at 1715 Church Street in Nashville during regular business hours

What groups endorse the campaign?
Tennessee Equality Project, Nashville GLBT Chamber of Commerce, Tennessee Transgender Political Coalition, Human Rights Campaign steering committee, Nashville Pride